Friday, July 18, 2008

Turning green into a gateway

Anyone who's wandered around outside the Blackstone Hotel can tell you -- there's something missing in the southern part of Grant Park.

It lacks the vibrancy of the north end.  Too much of it is still railroad tracks and a big, hot, open space.  That may be great for grasshoppers, but it's not much use to people.

Last year that started to change with the installation of "Agora" -- the leggy sculpture by a Polish artist.   But more has to be done.

To that end, a coalition of architecture firms, business interests, and civic organizations are working on a plan for the southwest corner of Grant Park.  The idea is to make it a major gateway to the Loop, the Museum District, and the South Loop.  Starchitect Adrian Smith is among those involved, so expect great things.

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