Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another parking lot bites the dust (we hope)

If there's one thing that doesn't belong in downtown Chicago it's surface parking lots.  They contribute virtually nothing to the economic, social, and visual vitality of the area.  And fortunately, there may be one fewer soon.

According to the Fulton River District e-mail bulletin, the parking lot at 108 North Jefferson could soon make way for a multi-use building.

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That's the lot a block behind the Citigroup Center, northwest of the ABN AMRO Technology Center.

As more and more people move into the area, we can hope that fewer and fewer surface parking lots will survive and the area can become a thriving home to thousand of new Chicagoans.


  1. I think it's tied up in permits and zoning right now.

    The architect is going to be Solomon Cordwell Buenz and right now the project is going by the name "108 North Jefferson."

    The building should be 41 stories at 430 feet with 311 apartments and 246 parking spaces.


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