Monday, February 1, 2010

TweetEcho: January 11-31, 2010

For those of you who don't subscribe to our Twitter feed, here are the items we tweeted in the last week or so:

  1. Interesting clouds this afternoon. We could be in for a good sunset.
  2. The renovated Kate Spade store on Oak Street reopens tomorrow (Saturday, January 30).
  3. @goldendragon35 Didn't get the message till just now. I'll update the blog. Thanks!
  4. We now have a shorter, easier to remember web address for our Facebook page. Bookmark
  5. Old Saint Mary's is getting a new school building:
  6. Small progress made on Chicago's newest chocolate shop:
  7. Loyola University's new TV studio looks ready to go:
  8. Pat Quinn announces the Wacker Drive reconstruction we told you about weeks ago: Our detailed report:
  9. Illinois getting $1.2B for high-speed rail: see our series about where it's going:
  10. Sorry about the site being slow. There's a network issue. A tech is working on it right now.
  11. Kennedy King College to be demolished and turned into a park:
  12. Water Tower Place architect dies:
  13. The Yves Saint Laurent boutique on Oak Street is closed for the next few months:
  14. Coincidence? Illinois unemployment up to 11.1% while CTA says ridership is down (fewer people going to work?)
  15. Blommer Chocolate chief Joe Blommer has died | Crain's Chicago Business
  16. Michigan Avenue retail shakeup: Fratelli Rossetti out. Omega (watches) in:
  17. Yet another store closes on Oak Street:
  18. On this gloomy Thursday, another reason to hope for better weather ahead:
  19. How the Midwest high-speed rail network will affect Chicago:
  20. We have an answer to the mystery of Chicago's new "Heritage Center" building designation:
  21. Part 3 of our series on the Midwest high speed rail plan: How Fast is Fast?
  22. There's a super-useful animated map in part two of our Midwest High Speed Rail series: Who Gets It First?
  23. Hiding in a Chicago neighborhood: Snacks on Wheels
  24. Can you live off the land in Chicago? Some people try:
  25. Kate Spade's Oak Street boutique is closed for renovations:
  26. Wondering if we'll ever see high-speed rail in the midwest? Looks like "yes!"
  27. Will Target open a new store in the Loop? In the old Carson Pirie Scott building?
  28. Yet another plan floated for rehabbing Wrigley Field:
  29. Oak Park is closer to getting a new 20-story skyscraper:
  30. Months later, the International Olympic Committee tries to sell Chicago a bridge in Brooklyn:
  31. New book about historic Chicago architect Irving K. Pond:
  32. Filming A Lincoln in Lincoln Park:
  33. @frostyplum Glad you liked it.
  34. One of Chicago's best public restrooms just got better:
  35. Pix: Cable news network shooting on the Magnificent Mile:
  36. This is why we endure Chicago winters:
  37. Loop food court closes:
  38. Both of Chicago's Olympic logos have been named among the best logos of the decade:
  39. Ultimo boutique closing after 40 years of fashion on Oak Street | Crain's Chicago Business
  40. Trib: Demolition underway at 830 S. Michigan Avenue:
  41. Mentioned this last year, now it looks official - Art of Shaving coming to Michigan Avenue:
  42. AllSaints to take the space that was formerly the front entrance of the Chicago Place mall:
  43. One of the worst jobs in Chicago:
  44. Commute into Chicago on I-290, or work in the west Loop? April 1 is the date your life becomes hell:

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