Monday, March 29, 2010

TweetEcho: March 11-29, 2010

For those of you who don't subscribe to our Twitter feed, here are the items we tweeted in the last week or so:

  1. Full moon rising over Lake Michigan. Get your cameras out!
  2. Chicago building of the day: 1242 North Lake Shore Drive
  3. Which Chicago skyscrapers did (and didn't!) participate in Earth Hour - Pix and partial list:
  4. One last dark Chicago skyline pic.
  5. Another darkened Chicago pic.
  6. Still lit: 300 & 353 N LaSalle, Museum Park, Millennium tower, Millennium Park, the Fordham.
  7. Navy Pier; Hancock Center; Willis, Park, NBC, Chicago Title, Chase, Unitrin, United Towers; Marriott all dark for Earth Hour
  8. Pix: Chicago skyline darkened for Earth Hour. Except for 300 N. LaSalle. Shame on Hines.
  9. Chicago building of the day: 2626 North Lakeview Avenue
  10. Chicago building of the day: 16 West Jackson Boulevard
  11. @AgentLuke Good thought. The buildings were selected at random months ago. I'll try to keep an eye out for this sort of thing in the future
  12. Considering the size of the waves breaking on Lake Shore Drive today, maybe Happy Days was right -- you can surf on Lake Michigan.
  13. Chicago building of the day: Chicago Board of Trade : 141 West Jackson Boulevard
  14. After much publicity in the trade press, Rush Street boutique Jake finally puts up a "Goodbye" sign.
  15. Chicago architects selected for yet another World's Tallest Building -- this one in Saudi Arabia
  16. Chicago building of the day: The Terraces : 801 South Plymouth Court
  17. Chicago building of the day: University of Illinois at Chicago Medical Center College of Dentistry
  18. Chicago building of the day: The New Roosevelt University Building : 425 South Wabash Street
  19. An Australian newspaper's guide to Chicago:
  20. Old Varsity Theater movie palace in Evanston could have new life as performing arts center - chicagotribune.com
  21. I need people to test out a new web site I'm just about finished building. See here for details:
  22. Chicago building of the day: Northern Trust Company Building : 118 East Oak Street
  23. Chicago building of the day: Marriott Chicago Downtown Magnificent Mile : 540 North Michigan Avenue
  24. Chicago building of the day: Roberto's Building : 214 South State Street
  25. Did you know that Henry Ford built a hanger in Lansing in the 1920s to mass produce an airplane? (via @enjoyillinois)
  26. Chicago building of the day: Eight East Chestnut : 8 East Chestnut Street
  27. Its antennae are lit up green for Saint Patrick's Day, but that could be the only "green" thing about the Willis Tower:
  28. Oak Park approves 20-story condo/hotel tower (via @CRED_by_Crains)
  29. Chicago building of the day: 420 East Ohio
  30. Another boutique closes on Oak Street: another one opens:
  31. Chicago building of the day: Wrigley Building : 400-410 North Michigan Avenue
  32. Tribune review of the Elysian tries to make a timely Alice In Wonderland joke. Fails.
  33. Chicago building of the day: The Constellation : 1555 North Dearborn Parkway
  34. Chicago building of the day: The Fairbanks : 280 East Illinois
  35. Chicago building of the day: Newberry Plaza : 1050 North State Street
  36. Chicago(ish) building of the day: Murray Baker Bridge
  37. If you're wondering where the marching band music is coming from downtown, it's for the opening of the new Columbia store on Michigan Avenue
  38. New York Times article about pop-up art galleries in vacant spaces in #Chicagoland
  39. Frank Gehry will speak at a FREE public event at the Chicago Public Library:

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