Thursday, April 1, 2010

Slice of Life: Skyscraper Sunrise

The sun peeks out over Lake Michigan and illuminates the skyscraper forest of Chicago on an early morning.  From this vantage point, several buildings clearly stand head and shoulders above the rest:

Why no 100-story John Hancock Center (875 North Michigan Avenue) in the photograph?  Because it was taken from the John Hancock Center.


  1. Great shot! I have a request, however. Can you PLEASE reach out to the Trump Tower people and find out if they are EVER going to relight the spire-- it is such a shame that, disappointing as it looks anyway, isn't at least gussied up a bit by some lighting scheme. It really looks dead in the skyline at night, which is a pity, because it's the fourth major peak in the skyline.

  2. I've never seen the Trump spire lit. Ever. My bedroom window faces onto the spire, and it's been dark at night ever since it was built. The Tribune received an e-mailed photo that was supposedly the Trump spire lit for breast caner awareness or something, but on the night of the supposed illumination, I took a picture of the skyline and the Trump spire was dark. I think the Trib got fooled by a Photoshop. Trump's people are on record as saying they are not interested in lighting the spire. I suspect it is in retaliation for Mayor Daley forcing them to put the spire on the building, even though the Trump organization didn't want it.


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