Monday, February 2, 2009

Status Update: Walton on the Park

Work is progressing, albeit slowly, on Walton on the Park.  The combination townhome and skyscraper residential project is inching along, but the parking garage isn't even finished yet.  But in this economy some progress is better than no progress.


  1. Im still surprised the planning dept let this through. 2 towers so close together just ruin the views. Right now what makes the near north unique is the space between the towers. One can get views and light to the street and between the buildings, unlike say NYC. How will these two average at best towers block the views from the park to the majestic N. Michigan ave. skyline? Whos going to want to look out 30' away at another tower? I can see and support 1 tower, but 2 is absurd imho. Maybe planning could have granted a taller more slender structure in keeping with the character of the Elysian, park Hyatt and others. Pappageorge / haymes is the designer If I recall. Their track record for tall buildings is pretty bad (see museum park ). I wish they could adapted their skill at low and midrise buildings to our skyline instead of forcing these clunkers on us.

  2. One slender tower would have been nice. It would have worked well with the Elysian and the Park Tower. I think the grand plan here, though, might be to start creating some steps down from the skyscraper heights of Michigan Avenue into smaller towers back in the neighborhood. Still, you're right -- two towers might not work well. I'll reserve judgement until I see it done, though.


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