Monday, March 16, 2009

Save Grant Park Update

I received this e-mail today from Save Grant Park.  I'm passing it along for those who are interested.

Dear Supporters,

As many of you know, there are currently two lawsuits in progress that were filed
in response to the Chicago Children's Museum's plans to build their new museum in
protected Grant Park.

The first lawsuit, and Administrative Review calls for a review of the Chicago Plan
Commission's decision and the entire process of the Museum's application to the
Plan Commission.

A hearing for this first lawsuit will be Tuesday, March 31st with Judge Martin Agran.

If Judge Agran rules in our favor, the Chicago Children's Museum (CCM) must go back
to the drawing board and resubmit new plans to the Chicago Plan Commission.  We
anticipate they would appeal this decision.  If the judge does not rule in our favor
we will have 30 days to appeal.

The second lawsuit, a Denovo Review, asks the court to take a fresh look at the
entire process of the Musuem's application including the Plan Commission, Zoning
Committee and the City Council.

A hearing on this second lawsuit will be Thursday, April 9th with Judge Sophia Hall.

If Judge Hall rules in our favor, the CCM will have to repeat the entire process
over again:  Plan Commission, Zoning Committee and City Council.  Any appeal must
be made within 30 days.

We will send out updates after each hearing detailing the decisions.

The Chicago Park District and the Chicago Children's Museum thought the citizens
of Chicago wouldn't notice their plot to takeover public green space for private
interests.  They were wrong.  Indeed, they thought they would have construction
well underway by now.  They did not understand how hard Chicagoans would fight to
preserve it's most important public green space.  We will continue to file appropriate
lawsuits based on the Montgomery Ward decisions that have protected Grant Park for
more than 172 years.  Save Grant Park has led this community effort for more than
three years now, and we are in it for as long as it takes.  Thank you for all your
support.  We know you will stay with us to Save Grant Park.

Please support Save Grant Park by donating online at

or by mailing your check made out to "Save Grant Park" directly to our bank:

5th/3rd Bank
400 E. South Water Street
Chicago, IL 60601
Attn:  Save Grant Park


Peggy Figiel
Save Grant Park

P.S.  Every dollar makes a difference!

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