Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Chicago Brick of the Day: Mark Twain Cave

In an effort to showcase the magnificent architecture of Chicago's Tribune Tower, and to help people understand just how powerful and influential the Chicago Tribune newspaper once was, the Chicago Architecture Blog presents: Chicago Brick of the Day.
Today's brick is from:
Mark Twin Cave in Hannibal, Missouri . This is yet another one of a number of Tribune Tower artifacts that are mislabeled.  There is no "Injun Joe" Cave.  There is an Injun Joe's Treasure Room inside the Mark Twain Cave, however.
Each day we'll show a photograph of a rock, brick, or other piece of stonework embedded in the exterior of the Tribune Tower .
If you haven't done it yet, play tourist for a couple of hours and wander around the outside of 435 North Michigan Avenue and marvel at an architectural work that will not be equalled in our lifetimes.

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