Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Status Update: Elysian Chicago

There are giant banners flapping at street level proclaiming "Summer 2009" for the opening of the Elysian Chicago at 11 East Walnut Street.  Well, in spite of what the mother nature is dishing out, the calendar says that's right about now.

It's a project we were once skeptical about, and that others have given grief for its oversized French chateau look-and-feel.  But the tower really is coming along nicely, and is a great compliment to the Park Tower (as in Park Hyatt) down the street.

And check out that top floor -- those are full-height oval windows.  Want to see more?  We know you do.  Look for a close-up in our new series called "The Tops of Chicago" coming soon to this blog.


  1. ok, am the only one that immediately sees the full-height oval windows as eyes and the top of the building as a fez hat?

  2. Good eye. I didn't catch that. And then, the bay window in the middle is the nose, and the balconies below are a mouth. All we need is a big "Luxury Condos For Sale" banner across the middle to act as a mustache!

  3. so what is the skinny on the real opening date; quoting Steely Dan: "... never going to do it without the fez on..."

  4. Haven't heard anything lately, and I've been out of town most of the last two months (including right now). I'll try to check it out when I get back.


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