Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Status Update: Ten East Delaware

10 East Delaware is moving ahead swiftly. We pulled out the long lens for a close-up of the construction at the top of this building. Look for it in an upcoming edition of our upcoming blog series, "The Tops of Chicago."

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  1. A lot of Architectural purists are extremely angered by this complex - Delaware and the neighboring Elysian for being a sort of neo-second empire style and feel its a fake, or worse, lazy design. As a neighbor and architect myself who loves modernism as much as the next person I have to admit the two towers are stunning and Im glad that a historical treatment was given to the accomplished hands of Luciene LaGrange. Although they borrow stylistic attributes from 19th century Parisian boulevard culture, the proportion and construction techniques are completely contemporary. I love their addition to the hood.


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