Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What's In A Name Part Two: Chicago's Heritage (Updated)

Last spring we wrote about how Bank of America can't decide what to call its pile at 135 South LaSalle Street.  Some signs read "Bank of America Center" while others read "Bank of America Building."  Now there seems to be more confusion on the other side of the Loop.

The building where Mayor Daley famously was going to buy a home until someone pointed out that it would make him a north sider opened as the Heritage at Millennium Park (130 North Garland Court).  But recently, signs have gone up around and underneath the building referring to it as the "Heritage Center."  A check of the condominium board's web site still shows "The Heritage at Millennium Park" in the graphic, though the page text reads simply "The Heritage."

I shot the condo board an e-mail asking for clarification.  If anyone has any information about this, post it in the comments section of this page, or to discuss it further do so in our forum.


I got a response from the people at the Heritage.  So here's the skinny:

The Heritage at Millennium Park is the correct name for the building.

The Heritage Center is the name of the collection of shops and restaurants at the base.

Why they need a separate name is beyond me.  It's not like there's enough stores there to reach the critical mass of a mall.  A more descriptive name would be "The Shops In The Section Of Pedway That Doesn't Smell Like Urine."  Or "The Shops In The Part Of The Pedway Where You're Not Afraid Anymore."

However, neither of those suggestions fit easily on a sign.

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