Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Video: What's So Great About the Fulton River District?

Have you ever asked yourself, "Self, what's so great about the Fulton River District?"  I haven't either.  But that doesn't mean there aren't great things there.

For tens of thousands of people, it's a way to get from their offices in the Loop to their homes in the suburbs.  But the Fulton River District Association wants people to know there's a lot more going on on the western bank of the Chicago River.

Here's a video the Association put together.  While the Haymarket Riot is certainly an historic event, I'm not sure celebrating a riot is the proper way to promote a neighborhood.  You decide for yourself:


  1. I think most people would consider the area south of Lake St as part of the West Loop rather than as part of the Fulton River District.

    It's obvious why the Association lays claim to that turf - their neighborhood comes up short on meeting a lot of their claims without it. Many think the claim is bogus.

  2. Joe is correct. South of Lake Street is officially West Loop Gate, according to the city. More commonly just known as "West Loop."

    This is a good opportunity to point new readers to our article from February, 2009 about where the boundaries really are for Chicago neighborhoods:


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