Friday, January 9, 2009

Is The CTA On Board With State Street Illuminations?

Maybe it was too much beer at Old Saint Pat's , but I swear while riding the 151 up State Street tonight I saw dancing panels of light on the CTA's State/Lake station.  They illuminated the truss substructure in white and then displayed apparently random blocks of green and red on the elevated station's main façade.

The bus turned before I could get a picture, so maybe I imagined it.  If I didn't, it will be a great and imaginative addition to the neon corridor anchored by WLS Television , the Chicago Theater , and most recently the Joffrey Tower .

My advice:  Have the colors illuminating the platform change based on which train is in the station: Green, Brown (might be hard), Purple, Orange, Pink, or Red (happens more often than you'd think).


  1. This is interesting, I worked on the engineering of the rennovations at this station (Basically replacing parts of the roof and the storefront facades on south and north sides)I wasn't aware of any changes to the lighting like you describe, but I will look out for it.

  2. Maybe it was the smooth refreshing crack kicking in, but I really think I saw a light show. Please let us know if you see anything.


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