Thursday, January 8, 2009

Status Update: Barney's New Store Puts Its Best Face Forward

There's little sign of an economic slow down at the corner of Rush and Oak Streets these days.  Barney's New York is rushing forward with its planned opening of its new store across the street from the existing store.  Last week the massive "Spring!" banner went up over what is a very interesting glass-enclosed stairwell.  The top floor of the corner has been cut-out for what we hope is an outdoor dining option for the top story restaurant (called "Fred's").  The scaffolding is gone, and we hope this will do great things for the neighborhood.  But we, like many others, are left scratching our collective heads and wondering what will become of the old Barney's store.  It's too big for boutiques, and too small for a big name.  Cut it up?  Tear it down?  What do you think would work there?

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