Friday, September 18, 2009

Video: Review of the New Dusable Harbor Boathouse

On the first warm day of 2009 I found myself wandering around the New East Side.  It's the location of the last place I lived, The Shoreham, and a dozen other high rises along the lakefront.  Wandering toward the water I was struck by something new -- a new boathouse at Dusable Harbor (401 North Lake Shore Drive).

When I lived in Lakeshore East, this was where a dank funk would roll out from beneath Lake Shore Drive and tumble into the welcoming waters of Lake Michigan.  That's not what I found in 2009, though.  The little area had been completely fixed up, with the previously mentioned boathouse, and a new bridge to keep Loop-bourne joggers from becoming unwillingly merged with speeding cyclists on the lakefront path.

Last night WTTW ran a piece on the new boathouse that we mentioned back in June.  It's a nice look at how great architecture can come in very small packages.

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