Monday, October 5, 2009

Slice of Life: Stuck in the Middle With You

An historic Bucktown brownstone (2050 West North Avenue) fights to keep its dignity and its presence while being bullied from the left by a 1970's-looking residential block built in 2005 and from the right by the old Marvin Envelope and Paper Company building, built in 1907.  The elegant lady caught in the middle is from 1893.

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  1. There is an even more poignant, in my opinion, survivor in the 2000 block of Warren (Washington) Blvd, north side of street. This is one of the last surviving frame houses on the West Side, with nothing but United Center parking lots in front now. It still has some original lattice work over its veranda. It is listing to one side and probably will be pulled down soon. Someone should save it.


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