Tuesday, May 12, 2009

First Farmers' Market of 2009

It's farmers market season in Chicago once again.  It's your best chance to sink your teeth into the freshest food possible without leaving the city.

Today was the first one -- at Federal Plaza in the Loop.  The next one is Thursday at Daley Plaza, but they become more frequent and widespread as the season progresses.

Because the schedule can be somewhat haphazard (I'm looking at you, Museum of Science and Industry), we've put together a calendar to help you on your way.

To view the Chicago Farmers markets calendar as a web page, click here .
If you have a Mac, you can subscribe to the Chicago Farmers Market calendar in iCal by clicking here .
If you're on another type of computer or PDA that supports .ics calendar imports, click here to download the Chicago Farmers Market calendar .

Here's some pictures from today's event:


  1. There appears to be something wrong with some of the calendar dates. Around June 10, the South Shore one seems to be open all day ever day, and it jams the calendar to the point it's unreadable.

  2. Thanks for letting me know. I deleted the event and re-created it and it looks OK now. Double-check for me to make sure it works on your machine, too.


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