Monday, May 18, 2009

TweetEcho: May 10-May 16, 2009

For those of you who don't subscribe to our Twitter feed , here are the things we tweeted in the last week:

  1. Just finished touring Chicago's new Modern Wing of the Art Institute. The NY Times was right: architecturally very safe.
  2. Fall Out Boy at the John Hancock Center Best Buy store.
  3. A new handbag store opened today at 900 North Michigan:
  4. Demolition is already underway at Michael Reese hospital:
  5. @Chicagoist Re: Farmer's Markets: You can download iCal calendar files of Chicago neighborhood farmer's markets here:
  6. Inside Chicago's new Michigan Avenue Best Buy store before it opens - pics and review:
  7. Community cleanup and planting Sat, May 16 8am-2pm at Chicago's Lakeshore East Park. Pizza and drinks provided.
  8. We now have an address for the new Apple Store in Chicago: 801 West North Avenue:
  9. Photos and thoughts from the Art Institute of Chicago's not-quite-done Modern Wing, which opens to the public tomorrow:
  10. The Art Institute of Chicago has been forced to roll back its price hike from $18 to $16. It was free a few years ago.
  11. Construction is underway on Chicago's first Zara store, which signifies the official death of the Chicago Place Mall:
  12. Independent contest to design Apple's new Chicago store at North & Clybourn; with $100 prize:
  13. Puma is going to open a store in 108 North State/Block 37 in addition to the one on Rush Street in Chicago:
  14. Another boutique hotel will open in Chicago's Loop financial district:
  15. A new Aldi will open on Clybourn just north of North:
  16. Another Swarovsky is coming to Chicago's Michigan Avenue. This one will take some space now occupied by Kenneth Cole:
  17. @DinkyShop You assume u know what I think regarding taxes. You don't. Use of "trickle down" betrays your politics in a non-partisan issue.
  18. RT @randolphmarket: 10 days to Randolph Street Market opener in West Loop! Antiques & Indie Fashion
  19. @DinkyShop Re:Todd Stroger. You fail to see the forest for the trees. As a business owner, I'm surprised that you don't see it hurting you.
  20. Five of 6 men have been found guilty of plotting to bomb Chicago's Sears Tower:
  21. Lake Point Tower showcases its window views with a new YouTube video. . (via @LakePointTower)
  22. Calendar of all the Chicago farmers markets across the city to view, download, or subscribe:
  23. Pictures of the first Chicago farmers market of the season:http://blog.chicagoarchitec...
  24. Trump Tower Chicago's spire called little more than a "towering toothpick" by the Tribune:
  25. First Chicago farmers' market of the year is today! Going on now until 3:00pm at Federal Plaza. Thursday 7a-3p at Daley Plaza.
  26. Free food and T-shirts for those who volunteer at Chicago's Taste of River North. E-mail:
  27. @Agent_Luke How funny! Right after the movie I went to HWLC and walked right past that display. The originals are on MeTV or MeToo also.
  28. Chicago remains the laughing stock of the nation's business community. Thank you, Todd Stroger.
  29. Don't bother paying extra to see Star Trek at Chicago's Navy Pier's IMAX. It's letterboxed, so it's the same size as a regular theater.
  30. Another step forward for Chicago's revitalized Wabash corridor: The Tilted Kilt Irish pub is opening at 17 North Wabash:
  31. Two new barber shops are coming to The Loop. Well, they're called "men's spas" now, but they're the same thing:
  32. The Wit is going to take outdoor dining in Chicago to a new level. Forget sidewalk cafes. It's going 27th floor:

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