Monday, April 13, 2009

Another Rosebud Blooms in River North

Q: How can you tell a local from a tourist in Chicago?

A: The local looks at the ground when he walks.  The tourist looks at the sky.

I've certainly been guilty of having my eyes cast downward as I walk around the city.  It's probably an aversion to getting wind-driven snow plastered on my pupils.  But there are hazards to looking down so much.  For example, I never noticed this:

Turning into this:

When did Ballo become Rosebud Trattoria?

I never went to Ballo because the prices on the menu outside seemed out of line with the food being served inside.  Hopefully the switch to an Italian menu has brought things in line.

Ballo was owned by Rosebud, so there was no ownership change in the transition.

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