Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Status Update: The Rush Starfish

A couple of weeks ago we started seeing blinking lights in the distance and at dusk the outline of unfamiliar cranes, so it was time for a little Pink Line field trip.

What we found is the construction site of a new hospital at Rush.  Everything we've been able to find on the interweb, in newspapers, and even on the sign outside the construction site calls this simply "New Hospital."  That will change eventually, but until it does, we're referring to it as "The Rush Starfish" because it's shaped something like a starfish with one of its appendages crammed into the medical center' atrium.

The design is actually pretty good looking, not that you can tell from these craptastic camera phone shots.  But it's all horizontal stripes and rounded corners and as long as it's kept clean, it could be nice.  But considering how dense and cramped the campus is getting these days it would be nice to see a little more thought put into public green spaces and a pedestrian's perspective on the buildings.  I'm sure a few patients wouldn't mind spending some of their recovery time in a park instead of a Buck Rogers dormitory.

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