Friday, April 10, 2009

Oil Rolls Off A Dux Back on State Street

The tiny gourmet shop Oil & Vinegar just couldn't mix with the other stores on State Street, and has moved on.  But the space in the Lambert Tree Studios building isn't going to stay empty for long.

There are signs up reading "Coming April 2009 - Duxiana."

From what we gather around the internet, Duxiana's specialty is a "Dux Bed" which has a specially made Swedish mattress as its big selling point.

Such a store would seem to make more sense out near the Merchandise Mart, but then again -- maybe not.  After all, all those people who live in the towers along State Street can use all the help they can get trying to achieve a good night's sleep while just outside their windows the city's taxi herd maniacally honks its horns at demons both real and imaginary.

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