Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Status Update: The Ritz-Carlton Residences

Things certainly are loud in Streeterville these days.  Just blocks away from where jackhammers have been tearing apart the old Lakeside Veterans Administration Hospital , another demolition crew has been busy turning the Farwell Building, the Terra Museum of American Art , a popcorn joint, and an old Starbucks into dust.

Taking its place is the Ritz-Carlton Residences (664 North Michigan Avenue, 60611).  40 stories and nearly 500 feet of swish for several dozen lucky homeowners.

But cry not for Philip Maher.  His Farwell creation will come back to life.  Sort of.

Remember that French lady who got her face torn off by a dog so surgeons put someone else's face on her?  Yeah.  They're doing that here.  The Farwell facade is in storage and will be stitched back together to mask the Ritz's parking garage.

It's been done before -- just down the street, in fact.  The old McGraw Hill building's facade was removed and stored while the building was demolished to make way for what is now the Conrad Hotel.  Then the Michigan Avenue side restore to look just like old.  Most people don't even know it happened.

And because the internet's not clogged up enough with video, here's one for the Ritz-Carlton Residences .  Strangely, there aren't any honking taxis on the street, or bucket boys banging and begging on the sidewalk.

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