Tuesday, April 28, 2009

TweetEcho - April 19 - April 25, 2009

For those of you who don't subscribe to our Twitter feed , here are the things we tweeted in the last week:

  1. Ever wonder what all the stones embedded in the facade of Chicago's Tribune Tower are? List of 150: http://bit.ly/17BJFC
  2. The Freshii we reported on earlier this year at Water Tower Place will open in July. Also look for new locations at 200 W. Monroe & Block 37
  3. Some Chicago alderman are waking up to how hard it is to do business in this city. They're now proposing a Loop stimulus http://bit.ly/BRSRy
  4. Workers are reassembling the restaurant at Oak Street Beach. It should be summer any minute now!
  5. The crane has been taken down at Aqua. Chicago's newest showcase skyscraper will get no taller.
  6. @VisitChicago I'm bundling up in my wool coat and hat, just like every day in Chicago. It's only 49 at the lake.
  7. The empty Bennigan's at the Illinois Center on North Michigan Avenue will reopen as Sweetwater Tavern & Grille:http://bit.ly/16xvdm
  8. Greenpeace damaged the new Michigan Avenue bridge railings that you paid $3.5 million to renovate. Good job, greentards: http://bit.ly/dwdbD
  9. Ouch! Chicago picture of the day: Covering up the "Sears Tower" sign with a "Willis Tower" banner: http://bit.ly/5chBg
  10. City Council will vote tomorrow on a proposal to force the Art Institute of Chicago reduce admission fees for locals:http://bit.ly/2C34l7
  11. Chicago's Alinea named the 10th best restaurant in the world: http://bit.ly/6xQog
  12. Overheard: Architects are working on plans to reconstruct Chicago's historic Lawson YMCA. Pics of the art deco building: http://bit.ly/MAAKy
  13. @GossipChicago: The Kate Spade store is at 56 East Oak Street. It moved there last year after about a decade at 101 East Oak Street.
  14. Girl who fell from 182 W. Lake ruled accident. It's at least the THIRD young woman to fall to her death from a Chicago skyscraper in a month
  15. Overseen: Mike Ditka picking up take out from Ditka's restaurant and making his getaway in "da Benz."
  16. New York Times article about the end of the "starchitect" era is illustrated with a nice rendering of the Chicago Spirehttp://bit.ly/16xbeI

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