Friday, August 13, 2010

Slice of Life: Alley Dining

What do I love about Chicago?  One of the things is its alleys.  Sure, they're not as plentiful as New York or as intriguing as Tokyo, but even just in the Loop they contain a number of hidden treasures.

Recently I've begun to notice that there are several restaurants and clubs that are accessed either partially or exclusively through the city's alleys.  Often these alley entrances are flanked by regulars who know how to get in and get out quickly.

This one is not technically an alley, it's West Calhoun Place.  But the main entrance for this restaurant in the Burnham Center is 111 West Washington Street, and hardly anyone uses West Calhoun Place for anything other than collecting the trash or taking a shortcut.


  1. Hi, I am visiting the city from Saturday through Thursday to research the alleyways for an architecture travelling fellowship and would love to find other places off alleys, can you give me a list of the best things to see in them? -

  2. Chicago has miles and miles of alleys. Cataloging them would take a lifetime. To see the best, start in The Loop and then the Near North Side.


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