Monday, August 2, 2010

Slice of Life: Ducks in the Drink

We don't do much from the suburbs on this blog, so here's a pastoral scene of some ducks (look like mallards to me) enjoying a day at the Chicago Botanic Garden (1000 Lake Cook Road), which isn't actually in Chicago at all -- it's way up in Glencoe, and not exactly convenient to public transportation.  Unfortunately, it is convenient to I-94, so there is the constant hiss of freeway traffic in the background of what would otherwise be peaceful gardens.  Still, the ducks don't seem to mind.  Nor do the visitors of which there are plenty on weekends, even in the off-season.  We recommend a mid-week excursion.


  1. The Chicago Botanic Garden is accessible by public transportation, actually. Metra and Pace are both nearby.

  2. I wouldn't call it "nearby." I've done the hike from Metra to the garden several times. It's over a mile and takes close to 40 minutes. The Pace buses in that area are so few and far between as to be unusable except by commuters.

    The garden has a shuttle service to Metra, but it only operates in the summer. And only on weekends. And only limited hours. Again, not useful.


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