Thursday, August 12, 2010

Slice of Life: Slippery When Wet

Have you ever fallen down on the street?  Lots of people have.  I saw one woman slip on the fancy decorative inlay in front of the Four Seasons Hotel (120 East Delaware Place).  It appears the people who own the building at 223 West Erie Street are aware that brass inlays can be hazardous.  Some time ago someone covered most of the building's logo with textured tape.  Much of the tape has rubbed off over the years, but it's still doing the job.

Recently I've noticed that when people get fancy with sidewalk patterns, the flourishes are more grippy than the regular sidewalk.  Probably a good idea people should have thought of a long time ago, especially when you think of the dozens of brass inlays in front of buildings in The Loop.

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