Friday, August 20, 2010

Slice of Life: Elks Sculptures

Many of Chicago's architectural treasures of verboten to the general public.  This is not true of the Elks Veterans Memorial (2750 North Lakeview Avenue) in Lincoln Park.  Anyone is welcome to come in and look around and marvel at the artwork, the sculptures, and the design.  And the Elks won't even bother you for a donation.  Though the building is a little forbidding on the outside, inside it's very welcoming and worth a visit.

If you happen to show up at a time when the memorial isn't open, there's still plenty to marvel at outside, including this four-person sculpture to the south of the main rotunda.  Unfortunately, while the Elks web site has lots of information about the building's interior art, I couldn't find any information on the site explaining the exterior sculptures.


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  2. This is a grand building, and adds plenty of character to north lincoln park, though unfortunately that corner with diversey is a bit sterile, and this elks building just might be the main reason why.


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