Thursday, August 19, 2010

Slice of Life: Time and Again

Downtown Lake Forest is like a living time capsule.  Housewives push prams while gossiping and window shopping.  Teen-agers ride their bicycles to the ice cream shop.  Young couples canoodle on the public square while looking at the fountain.  And every half an hour, a commuter train pulls in to the station to help fathers dressed like something from Mad Men rejoin their families.  It's an idyllic scene in a world that's largely given over to the impersonal solitude of the personal automobile.

But what I like most about the Lake Forest town square isn't the straight-outta-1950's people, it's the straight-outta-1350's clock tower.

One of the commercial buildings lining the square is surmounted by a clock tower that is actually a sun dial.  I checked it one hot, lazy afternoon, and yep -- it works just fine.

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