Thursday, November 12, 2009

Another Patch of Green in Streeterville

Another small oasis of green has opened in Streeterville.  This is in the plaza between the neighborhood's two newest residential skyscrapers -- The Streeter (345 East Ohio Street), and Streeter Place (355 East Ohio Street).

There's not all that much to it, just a path, a patch of prairie, and some places to sit.  But the plantings have been designed cleverly so that they're arranged to continue the architectural patterns laid out by the architects in stone.


  1. We need to see more of this kind of development downtown. The D4 pub/restaurant is located here .. a pleasant place to sit outside in the summertime, even better now with the second building completed. Another superlative example is Park View, just a couple of blocks away from The Streeter Twins -- a really lovely park space that acts like a public square for the neighborhood.

  2. You're right, that Park View park is great. I've spent more than one nice evening there sipping a Starbucks with my sweetie. It's one of the few parks in the city with adequate seating.


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