Friday, November 6, 2009

Bathrooms Are Job One... and Two

Last week the Cubs and Wrigley Field were sold by the Tribune Company to the Ricketts family for $845 million.  What does that have to do with an urban development blog?

New owner, Tom Ricketts had the quote of the week when he told Crain's Chicago Business that his number one priority for the historic stadium is renovating the bathrooms.  He put it,  “As a fan or owner, you’re just not proud of that part of the experience.”

Here's the Crain's video:

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  1. I never had a problem with the Wrigley Field troughs. They were extremely efficient. You go in the restroom, keep your head down, take care of business, wash your hands, and get out. What's wrong with that?

    Never did I ever have to wait to find an open spot. Sure there was always a crowd at the restroom entrance at the end of games, but it was never a standing crowd. It was always moving with a steady pace. Once you get in you just keep walking slowly with the crowd until an open spot appears. And you follow the keep-your-head-down-and-take-care-of-business standard. Never did I have to stop and wait at the end of a game to take a leak. Never.

    Tom Ricketts wants to change a perfectly functional system and make it nonfunctional. What's he gonna do? Add urinals? That will greatly minimize the amount of people that can take a leak at the same time. This is bad. This is really bad. I do NOT want to wait in line. Tom Ricketts, you're stupid.


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