Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas (2009 Edition, Part 9)

It looks like the cool color for Christmas lights this year is blue.  At least that's what's been installed along State Street in the Loop.  These are in front of the Harold Washington Library (400 South State Street). Unfortunately, they're not warm incandescent holiday blue, they're the cold techno-blue given off by LED lights.


  1. This is my first Christmas in Chicago. I was wondering if they always did blue on State St. Based on your post, I'm wondering if this was just done to tie in with the Shedd's new show. They have little penguin cut-outs along State as well.

  2. You're probably right -- it's for the Shedd thing. The State Street decorations tend to have the flavor of whatever company is sponsoring the parade. Maybe it's the aquarium this year.


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