Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Pattern Developing in the Loop

For the last few months, this former bank location in the Loop has been hidden behind scaffolding.  Now 202 South State Street has emerged from its cocoon, and the result is -- well, rather much like a butterfly.

Windows and doors, even the facade are covered in the most interesting black-and-white design.  The design has even spread to the adjacent building at 212 South State.

I didn't have time to check for posted permits, so if anyone has any idea what's going on, let us know.


  1. Nothing is really going on, for now. As you probably know, the GSA is planning a massive expansion on this site sometime in the next decade perhaps. They haven't yet decideded which buildings will be spared, so in the mean time they said they would make the retail spaces more attractive.

  2. Thanks for the note. Hopefully something will become of this sooner rather than later.

  3. Both those beautiful buildings were taken by the GSA under threat of eminent domaine and under the guise of a security perimeter to the Federal Center. In reality the GSA is letting them rot so they can tear them down without protest to build a hideous new campus better fitting to Schaumburg than Chicago.

    Check out the plans for yourself....big PDF - Ill email it to you

  4. Thanks, Marko. You can e-mail it to

    And if you (or anyone else) takes cameraphone pics while you're around town, be sure to send those along too and I'll include them in the "Slice of Life" segments.

  5. OOPS - sent it to your blogger email. Ill forward to posted address as well.


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