Wednesday, November 25, 2009

TweetEcho: November 9-November 24, 2009

For those of you who don't subscribe to our Twitter feed, here are the items we tweeted in the last week or so:

  1. After losing its store to Mont Blanc expansion at 900 North Michigan, Lalique is coming back to Chicago next month:
  2. Wandered around inside Block 37 today. It's going to be very nice when it's done. Still only Steve Madden open now.
  3. Lake Point Tower's roof park wins #1 in the highrise category of Mayor Daley's Landscape Awards, (via @LakePointTower)
  4. "Chicago symbolises all that’s great about the USA." The (London) Mirror:
  5. The Chicago Plan Commission approved three new hotels for River North. Here's our article:
  6. Block 37 is open. Sorta. Steve Madden and the pedway. More to follow:
  7. On this date in 1875: Holy Name Cathedral in Chicago opened to the public:
  8. The Michigan Avenue Swarovski store grand opening is today.
  9. Plans to build an island in the shape of the word "Chicago" in Lake Michigan:
  10. The Christmas tree at the Shops at 900 North Michigan puts the official Chicago tree to shame:
  11. News to me: You can now adopt an historic Chicago artifact. And it's tax deductible!
  12. Lincoln Park's south pond is just a mudhole now:
  13. Have you seen the building in River North that has the alphabet bricks up its front?
  14. Did you know that SIX stations in Chicago have storefront studios? And a seventh is coming:
  15. Video and pictures: What it's like on the wrong side of the glass at the John Hancock Center:
  16. Testers in downtown Chicago and Evanston are needed for our new iPhone web app. Please e-mail
  17. Sign of the times: Two Trump units are in foreclosure:
  18. On this date in 1849: The parish that would become Holy Name Cathedral was founded (160 years ago!)
  19. Winter has been delayed! The Millennium Park ice skating rink won't open until Friday because of the rain.
  20. A change in the way buildings are measured bumps Chicago's Trump Tower up to 6th tallest in the world:
  21. @RAWardFlooring They speak English, but no one has the authority to do anything except read you your balance.
  22. What's up with John Cusack? He was a dick to Dean Richards on WGN-TV, and in Michigan Ave. Mag. You're not that big a deal!
  23. Two hours, 30 minutes on hold with Chase. Nine operators, six transfers, two supervisors. Just trying to update my information.
  24. Been on hold with Chase bank for one hour and 49 minutes so far. It's as bad as the old Wamu days.
  25. If you haven't seen it, here's what Chicago's new scaled-down Christmas tree looks like:
  26. Don't forget to check out the 1,700+ photos from 52 members in our Chicago photo pool:
  27. @thePropertyDiva I'm not getting near any swine flu victims. I'm easily infected. You wouldn't believe the things I've picked up in Asia.
  28. A little birdie says a new jewelry store is going to open at Water Tower Place. Anyone know anything about it?
  29. Neacafé is giving away free coffee at Millennium Park right now.
  30. This is what happens when the landscaping gets out of control:
  31. It's not Chicago, but it's still one of our favorite buildings: Tokyo's Golden Poop:
  32. WWD reports today that part of Block 37 could open BEFORE Thanksgiving. Sorry, no link -- print only.
  33. There will soon be FIVE chocolate shops within two blocks of the Chicago Water Tower:
  34. New series on Discovery Channel: "Cook County Jail" 11/19 at 7pm Chicago time.
  35. @Chicagoist No coffee cup is worth $36, I don't care what city's flag is on it.
  36. Please don't squat in the middle of State Street:
  37. Just a month before opening, the Gold Coast's Elysian Hotel is dropping the hotel-condo part:
  38. Anyone else notic that the crown of One Museum Park East ( is all lit up in blue now? Is that new?
  39. Dumb: People waiting @ Spertus lobby for the Northerly Island meeting. The elevators aren't programmed to go to the 9th floor after hours.
  40. The ice skating rink at Millennium Park (in front of the Bean) opens next Wednesday (November 18th).
  41. Chicago ranks #22 in the 2009 Global Power Cities index:
  42. Not Lincoln Park or the South Loop -- Chicago's coolest townhouse is in Chinatown!
  43. Interesting article in today's New York Times about the work being done at the Chicago Botanic Garden:
  44. Fantastic old photos of Chicago's New East Side. Amazing to see how much the city has changed since the 70's:
  45. Another mystery in River North. Can you shed any light on the strange Clark Street address?
  46. Just got an e-mail from one of our contribs: The new Lululemon at Rush and Walton Streets opens Friday, November 13th.
  47. Crain's reports that Baccarat is bailing on its not-yet-open Oak Street location after spending $2m on renovations.
  48. The cinderblock shell that's supposed to be Chicago's newest museum might actually get built after all:

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